Diagnostic Smile Design Course


An in-person full Saturday course comprising short lectures & practical hands-on training sessions.

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Unlock the secrets to restoring patient smiles that harmonise with facial features. Join our exclusive one-day course by Dr Kaveer Ratan where you’ll delve into the world of Diagnostic Smile Design – a digital approach to restoring smiles in the context of wholistic facial diagnosis.

Key Concepts Covered:

1. Facial Feature Diagnosis: Learn the art of smile diagnostics that go beyond teeth, incorporating facial features to create smiles that enhance overall facial harmony.

2. Smile Framing: Explore the delicate balance of framing a smile within the face, understanding the nuances of lips, proportions, & facial contours that contribute to a natural & aesthetically pleasing appearance, instead of delegating your diagnostics to a technician for “wax-ups”.

3. Design within the Framework: Gain insights into designing smiles, using photography & software, that complement the unique characteristics of the patient’s face, ensuring a personalised & tailored approach to cosmetic dentistry.

4. Software Applications Mastery: Dive into hands-on exercises using cutting-edge Smilefy diagnostic smile design software. Unleash the power of digital tools to visualise, plan, & communicate smile transformations with predictability & confidence.

Course Highlights:

Short Interactive Lectures: Engage with industry experts in insightful lectures covering the principles of Diagnostic Smile Design.

Hands-On Exercises: Apply your knowledge through practical exercises using our Smilefy software, gaining proficiency in incorporating diagnostic principles into your practice.

Q&A Session: Get answers to your specific queries & concerns from experienced instructors, ensuring clarity & confidence in your learning journey.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, fostering a collaborative environment for learning & growth.


Note: The detailed course brochure program (of learning objectives & outcomes, lectures per lecturer, hands-on learning details, etc.) is provided on request or after registration. Study material & details of the online exam are also sent after registration.

Please also note that our course dates may be subject to rescheduling due to logistical challenges. To stay informed of any changes, we recommend checking in with us regularly after booking your course and keeping an eye out for updates we send out.


CT – Saturday Dec 7
JHB – Saturday 14 Dec

Course venues

CT – Dentsply Sirona Training Centre, Canal Walk, Cape Town

Course duration

8:30AM – 16:30PM (plus online exam)


Snacks, lunch, drinks & refreshments available on the day


8 education CPD points

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Diagnostic Smile Design Course
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