Welcome to NEXUS! We are excited to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our community and education organization.

1.What is NEXUS?

At NEXUS, we combine community, education, mentorship, & philanthropy to create a supportive network of dentists & oral health professionals across South Africa. Our leadership team is made up of a group of friends – the NEXUS mentors – who are experienced dentists & specialists in various disciplines. 

2.What does NEXUS do?

We offer dentists & oral health professionals a place of community to network among dental professionals. Our founding focus is on the mentorship of young dentists, helping them grow in their careers & transition from Phase I to Phase II. Members have access to a wide dental community across SA, as well as the NEXUS mentors. We offer a diverse education program of courses, hands-on training, study club meetings, online webinars, & more.

3.How does the mentorship work?

NEXUS divides members into two community groups. Our focus & passion are rooted in helping young dentists get started in their first few years of practice after varsity (our Phase I group). As our membership has rapidly grown, our members have also grown into better skilled & experienced dentists. After 5 years of experience, all members transition to our Phase II group – membership available to any & all dentists in SA (with other specialists & oral hygienists).

Mentorship is led by the NEXUS mentors team – a group of experienced dentists & specialists across several disciplines in dentistry. Via the exclusive & closed member groups, members have access to hundreds of dentists across SA as well as the mentors team, to ask for advice & guidance, share patient cases, & more. Members can seek out the mentors one-on-one to build rapport, pursue up-skilling in a particular dentistry discipline, for over-the-shoulder learning at their practices, & personal mentorship. The Phase I & II groups’ membership is complemented with in-person training courses, study clubs, & more.

4.What is the NEXUS Phase I group?

Phase I is a member group exclusive only to newly graduated young dentists. Any NEXUS member with 5 years or less career experience is supported in the Phase I group. This group comprises only young dentists, com-serv dentists, & dentists starting their careers. All Phase I members have about the same level of early career experience. Phase I members take comfort in being able to ask for help, share their patient cases, etc. in a community exclusive to their level of experience. There are no other senior dentists, no varsity Profs, etc. – only young dentists led by the NEXUS mentors team.

The goal is to mentor Phase I members, & through the NEXUS education activities, to transition new dentists into skilled & experienced dentists. At 5 years of career experience, Phase I members join the Phase II group.

5.What is the NEXUS Phase II group?

Where the Phase I group focuses exclusively on young dentists’ development & community, the Phase II group membership is available to any dentist, specialist, oral hygienist in South Africa. As the saying goes, “surround yourself with people who are smarter than yourself in different areas, and learn from them.”

6.Who are the NEXUS mentors?

The mentors are an integral part of the NEXUS community, providing guidance & mentorship to members in both the Phase I and Phase II groups. The leadership team’s extensive experience & knowledge in various areas of dentistry are invaluable to members, & they are available wherever possible to offer advice & support. You can read more about each mentor on the NEXUS website, where their bio’s are available to view.

7.What do I get from my NEXUS membership?

As a NEXUS member, you get access to a range of exclusive benefits & opportunities, including:

  • Access to the exclusive & closed NEXUS community groups,
  • Access to the NEXUS mentors team to give advice on dentistry-related questions, patient cases, & really anything related to our dental careers,
  •  Access to a community of like-minded dental professionals, belonging to an organization that promotes sharing information, advice, knowledge, experience, etc.,
  • Entrance to our in-person study club meetings in Johannesburg & Cape Town,
  • Entrance to our online education & discussion webinars,
  • R500 voucher off any NEXUS training course (which basically also means your membership is free).

We believe that by joining NEXUS, you will have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with the mentors & each other, enhance your skills & knowledge, & ultimately grow your career. So why wait? Join us today and become a part of our community!

8.Who can join NEXUS?

Any qualified dentist, specialist dentist, &  oral hygienist, registered with the HPCSA can join. Note, that while these three oral health profession fields are welcome to join NEXUS, our Phase I mentorship group is exclusively focused on the development newly graduated dentists. 

9. How do I join NEXUS?

Step 1 – fill out the registration form.

Step 2 – pay your membership fee.

You will get an email from PayFast confirming you have paid. Then, after we have checked your details & DP number on the HPCSA website, we will send a confirmation email to join the NEXUS community groups. Click to join, see you there!

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