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As our library of webinars continues to expand, we will organize the videos into categories that make it easier for you to browse and find topics that interest you.

Title: A glimpse at digital dentistry workflows

Speaker/guest: Dr Martin Wanendeya (UK)

In this webinar, Dr Wanendeya shares some of his cases managed with digital dentistry workflows, to give some insight into the advantages of these newer technologies.


Title: Shedding light on tooth shade matching

Speaker/guest: Sascha Hein (Germany)

Sascha Hein is a world-leading expert on tooth shade and colour, and he has pioneered this niche discipline in dentistry as both a science and an art. In this webinar, Sascha takes you deep into the topic of shades, and tells more about his shade-matching techniques.


Title: Ethics CPD Webinar: Patient recordkeeping

Speaker/guest: Alasdair McKelvie, UK

Join NEXUS mentor Dr. Jonathan Du Toit and special guest Dr. Alasdair McKelvie from Dental Protection, UK, as they debate some of the issues surrounding patient recordkeeping. A seemingly not-so-exciting topic, Dr McKelvie shares some real life stories of cases DPL has dealt with involving proper / improper recordkeeping, with the aim of improving the viewer’s daily practice.

Title: A roadmap to multidisciplinary orthodontic management

Speaker/guest: Dr Roxana Rugina Petcu (Romania)

In this webinar, we speak to our friend and orthodontist, Roxana Petcu from Romania. Roxana shares some general insights on orthodontic treatments in her practice, with a focus on TMJ dysfunction and bite splint therapy.


Title: Periodontitis, how the heck to diagnose?

Speaker/guest: Dr Jonathan Du Toit

In this webinar, NEXUS mentor Dr JonathanDu Toit unpacks the issues with the previous periodontitis classifications, and introduces the “newer” World Workshop 2017 classification and how to implement it in daily practice.


Title: Young dentists navigating their early dental career

Speaker/guest: NEXUS team & guests

In this webinar, the NEXUS team and guests engage in a group discussion on what young dentists should look out for when evaluating job offers, and other common challenges faced when starting out in our dental careers.

Title: Burnout & stress in dentistry

Speaker/guest: Colleen Davis

In this webinar, life coach Colleen Davis gives us a break from clinical dentistry and discusses burnout and stress among dentists.

Title: Sterile surgical protocol

Speaker/guest: Jonathan Du Toit

Periodontist & NEXUS mentor, Dr Jonathan Du Toit discusses in a detailed, step-by-step webinar the sterile surgical protocol for dentists providing implant dentistry in everyday practice.

Title: Webinar study club, endodontics

Speaker/guest: Sameer Jain, endodontist, USA

Sameer is a dear friend & endodontist in private practice in California, USA. He shares some of his work with a focus on diagnostics.

Title: Ethics CPD Webinar: Patient complications

Speaker/guest: Alasdair McKelvie, UK

Join NEXUS mentor Dr. Jonathan Du Toit and special guest Dr. Alasdair McKelvie from Dental Protection, UK, as they delve into real-life patient complaint cases involving complications in this insightful webinar. Gain valuable insights on effectively mitigating these issues and preventing potential escalations.

Title: Clear aligner therapy

Speaker/guest: Jayand Soechitram, Netherlands

Jayand is an extraordinary and highly skilled dentist hailing from the Netherlands, renowned for his expertise in clear aligner therapy. Join us in this captivating webinar as he provides a glimpse into a selection of his cases, showcasing the remarkable outcomes made possible through the artistry of clear aligner orthodontics.

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